• Will Arm Holdings do well in 2013?
  • FTSE 100 is overbought says chartist
  • Will House Prices Rise in 2013
  • Best Investment for 2013

Blockbuster goes into administration

Blockbuster goes into administration The DVD rental company Blockbuster has gone into administration. Blockbuster, which has 528 stores and employs over 4000 people has appointed Deloitte to oversee the day to day running of the company, whilst they try to search for a buyer. Blockbuster has become the latest high […]

Will Arm Holdings do well in 2013?

Will Arm Holdings shares do well in 2013 Arm Holdings performed very well in 2012. It designs the chips which go in a very large number of the world’s smart mobile phones and this is a sector that seems to be going from strength to strength. But what are the […]

FTSE 100 is overbought says chartist

FTSE 100 overbought at the top of its trading range I recently spoke to Bill Rook from Redmayne Bentley, our conversation covered the FTSE 100. The FTSE 100 breached 6000 last week. Bill sees this as the top of a trading range that has been in place for some time. […]

Will House Prices Rise in 2013

Will House Prices Rise in 2013?   They might, but I very much doubt it. I just cannot see what will create house price rises in 2013. Many people argue that it is a simple question of supply and demand. They would say that there are not enough houses being […]

Best Investment for 2013

What is the best investment for 2013 At this time of year, you always wonder what the best investment will be. There are a few candidates. I spoke today to Bill Rook from Redmayne Bentley, who is bearish on gold and he also likes 3 stocks in particular for 2013. […]


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Is Audible any good?

It’s difficult to miss the adverts for audible at the moment and you might be asking yourself is audible any good. I have been a user of audible for about 10 months. I wasn’t sure at first, but decided to sign up anyway and see what...


Is the Open University any Good?

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably been considering whether the Open University is any good for a little while; wondering whether you should enrol on a degree or module and what you might get out of it. I was in exactly...


Eurostar: ‘Our trains are not the most pleasant’ says CEO spokesman

‘Our trains are not the most pleasant of their kind’ That was the admission from Eurostar spokesman who asked not to be named, after I complained about my terrible journey with them, returning from a recent holiday. He also admitted...


Eurostar Review – No Air conditioning and filthy carriages

The title of this Eurostar experience just about sums it up. I had a terrible experience on the Eurostar when returning from Lille recently. It was so bad that I filmed some of the worst aspects of the trip whilst onboard. I made a short video...


Wallrock Thermal Liner – Special Offer

We have teamed up with Simply Wallpaper to offer a discount voucher for all their products. This includes Wallrock Thermal Liner as well as Wallrock KV600 and the Sound Insulation Liners. Use the discount code10%off Share this:EmailTwitterFacebookPinterestGoogle


Osborne’s Help to Buy scheme is a bad idea

Osborne’s Help to Buy scheme is a bad idea

House prices are a British obsession, and not just with the public but also with governments. Regardless of their colour the UK government cannot resist creating the right conditions for house prices to boom. We saw it in the 80s, the latter...


Prezzo – The best in its class

Prezzo – The best in its class

Review of Prezzo Pizza Express has been doing what it does for a long time, and it has always done it well. Ask is another good, mid range, Italian restaurant, then there is Zizi, which is also very good. But by far the best of the restaurants...


Will Platinum rise in 2013

Will Platinum rise in 2013 In my weekly chat with technical analyst, Bill Rook, from Redmayne Bentley, we discussed his weekly share picks, we also discussed the prospects for platinum in 2013. You can listen to my conversation with Bill about...